Video Production Studio

Video. Your message in motion

Video is now an essential advertising tool for businesses. Video is 5x more engaging than images alone on social media and has 50x greater reach than text. It is no surprise that video has become an advertising staple with the ability to reach audiences like no other medium.

At Vetta we are based in North Queensland, working Australia wide. We specialise in business video production, corporate videos/documentary, promotional/advertising videos, Television commercials, YouTube videos and Social Media.

We offer a range of videography services including location and studio shoots, interviews, video editing, script writing, crew hire and much more!

Vetta has a high quality 4K production workflow to ensure you are able to obtain the best from your video investment. There are various styles of video production and the team at Vetta can help you determine the style to best suit your needs and effectively communicate your message depending on your target market.

Browse our portfolio to gain some inspiration for your next project or contact our team.

Technical Capabilities 

If you have requirements for a substantial video project in North QLD you may be asking yourself if you will need to hire a video production company from a capital city to meet your project needs. 

Vetta Productions has the in-house technical equipment and personnel experience to satisfy all but the largest projects, while keeping your project local. We also have access to a deep local pool of additional crew and equipment should the need arise.

Our in-house video equipment includes a 4K Blackmagic professional video camera, a cannon C100 1080p, GH4 4K for steadycam and helicopter shoots and a 4K professional DJI drone (see our aerial blog post for more information). We also have a Cannon 5D Mark III for photography work.

In addition Vetta Productions has a full suite of lighting and audio solutions to meet almost any requirement.

So before you contact those expensive out of town agencies, give Vetta Productions a call and we’d be happy to discuss your project and provide a free no obligation quote.

  • Video and film production
  • Talent and location scouting
  • Photography and styling
  • Stop motion animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Aerial footage and photography
  • Television commercials
  • Documentary
  • Corporate documentary
  • Video tours
  • Commercial classification and delivery