If you’ve attended a corporate presentation, conference or seminar with a big name keynote speaker you’ll notice that they will always start with an amusing or interesting story. Since man invented fire he’s been sitting around entertaining others with the power of words.

Stories captivate our imagination, energise us, give us hope, and evoke every emotion. Keynote speakers start with a story to firstly disarm you, and then to engage you. They become relatable to you… and then they’re free to educate or convince you.

For small to medium businesses, it’s as much about the relationship as the product. People like dealing with people that they like, so don’t hide behind your products or services, step in front of that (virtual) counter and tell your story. Let your customer get to know you… and most other things being equal, they will be happy to engage commercially with you.

At Vetta Productions we’re experts at telling your story through the medium of Video. When potential customers look up your website or Facebook account, don’t hit them with a list of the products and services you can provide for them, give them a reason to engage with you and to trust you and maybe even to like you. Once that barrier is broken, the rest will take care of itself. 

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