Conquer the social scene with video

Build your tribe on social media with on-going professional video service.

Video is the highest ranking content on social media! So what better way to reach your audience than posting quality, regular video content online.

Our subscription plans help you save money, manage cashflow and most importantly let your business be seen.

Check out our plans and pricing below or contact the team to see how we can help.

Awesome monthly content for your social channels.

Always know what you'll pay.

Ascent 6


+$349 set-up fee

6 x 15 sec videos

2hrs on-location
Music licensing

The ascent 6 is an awesome entry level package designed to get your social snowball rolling. You’ll get a 15 second video each month for six months to keep your content fresh.

Monthly product features, monthly hints & tips, pre-planned short announcements, event reminders, public holiday

Free members pack
Basic motion graphic animation
1 x Royalty free music track license
6 x 15 sec social videos That’s one each month!
30 sec feature video
1 x 2 hr on-location video shoot Including pre-production planning
Professional photography
Audio on-location for video shoot
*Min cost 6x months = $2,143+GST

*6 Month Plan
Min cost = $2,143+GST


Ascent 12


+$349 set-up fee

1 x 30sec video

12 x 15sec videos

2 x 2hrs on-location
Music licensing

The ascent 12 is great value for those who are serious about growing their social tribe. With a 30 second feature video to use on your social and web pages, 12x 15 second social videos, and 2x on-location video shoots per year, you will have an avalanche of high quality content.

Seasonal promotions, monthly maintenance advice, hints and tips,  half-yearly announcements, staff profiles.

Free members pack
Basic motion graphic animation
2 x Royalty free music track licenses
12 x 15 sec social videos That’s one each month!
1 x 30 sec feature video
2 x 2 hr on-location video shoot Including pre-production planning
Professional photography
Audio on-location for video shoot
*Min cost 12x months = $3,937+GST

*12 Month Plan
Min cost = $3,937+GST


Summit 12


+$349 set-up fee

3 x 30sec videos

12 x 15sec videos

1hr photography

3 x 2hrs on-location
2 x Audio on-location
Music licensing

The summit 12 package is designed for maximum social exposure.
With a mountain of features, you will have the option of creating interview based videos (dedicated audio on two shoots). This is ideal for larger businesses, schools, or those who want personalised, hand-crafted social media content.

Regular offers and updates, major event launches, new staff announcements, brand stories.

Free members pack
Basic motion graphic animation
3 x Royalty free music track licenses
12 x 15 sec social videos That’s one each month!
3 x 30 sec feature videos
3 x 2 hr on-location video shoot Including pre-production planning
1hr photography shoot
Audio on-location for 2 x video shoots
*Min cost 12x months = $6,337+GST

*12 Month Plan
Min cost = $6,337+GST


Custom packages

Like the idea of a subscription plan but would like to customise to suit your brand? Contact our team and choose from a range of additional services including: social media management, campaign management, graphic design, video, photography, content creation, marketing and advertising.


Get started

Awesome you want to sign up! Here are a few things to know before you get started.

Step 1Join the Expedition!

Choose a plan that’s best for you (contact Eddie if you have any questions or need inspiration). After you have paid the $349 establishment fee* through our secure website, you will receive a welcome email from Eddie with information on your chosen plan. We will then organise a date to meet you at your business to discuss the plan.

*Excludes GST. This is a one-time payment to confirm booking.

Step 2Activation & Planning

We will deliver a Content Program based on our on-site meeting with you and arrange a suitable time and date for filming. You will also be sent an email from Eddie to Activate your plan. The monthly payments will begin from the date of activation.

Step 3Preparation & Filming

A small crew will work with you on-location for about two hours, to capture the footage for the feature and/or social videos. We will send you an approved pre-production plan in advance so everyone knows what to do. No need to act… just be yourself!

Step 4Approval & Delivery

After your first video has been edited, we will send you a link to download along with a Social Media guide and your planning schedule. We will continue to edit and deliver each of your videos on a monthly basis with reminders on when to post. The Ascent 12 and Summit 12 plans will also receive extra production and content delivery throughout the 12 month plan.

If you prefer, Vetta Productions can manage your social media. Please let us know and we’ll customise a Social Media Management package for you.


Members pack free with every plan

Vetta Membership (included free with every subscription package) gives you access to custom high quality video and photography content plus exclusive member’s only specials and advice, to boost your social media campaigns. No generic stock-footage here!

Social Analysis

Social media analysis for Facebook and Instagram.

Email support

Free email support for the duration of subscription.

Phone support

1 hr phone support with a Vetta team member.

Social media plan

Free social media plan (every 6 months).


Schedules and E-news delivered right to your inbox.

Automated billing

Hassle free automated billing.


Subscription services are a great way of making sure your posting regular and professional quality content.

Posting regularly to your social media helps your business connect with audiences and potential customers.

A subscription service also takes the guesswork out of your marketing and production budgets so you can plan your spend. It also aids in cashflow for your business by making smaller regular payments rather than large one off payments.

Social Media was created to connect people with other people.

Along the way, businesses and brands realised that platforms –such as Facebook and Instagram – were great ways to communicate with people (and potential customers) too.

The ability to share a video to a potentially unlimited audience, meant that Facebook and Instagram quickly became cost effective and powerful marketing tools. The challenge now, is to make video’s worth sharing. Something that connected businesses and brands to people… without the hard-sell.

Video should be used to communicate to your ‘tribe’ on these platforms, to build trust, create emotion, inspire and inform. If you want to sell, use TV. If you want to create and nurture customers, use Social Media. 

Think about your audience. What do they really want to see from your brand or business?

Don’t get hung-up on ‘likes’. It’s more about communication and building a community. Look for topics of interest that people will relate to in the ‘real world’, topics for them to comment on and question… and be prepared to answer those questions too!

Offer helpful advice, ‘how-to’ guides, hints and tips about a product or service you offer. This is a great way to present your organisation as a ‘thought leader’.

Tell your audience about the people who make up your brand or business. Remember, people want to connect with other people.

Still unsure?… don’t worry, that’s where we come in. We’ll walk you through the process and give you some helpful advice.

No problem. Vetta has a team of creative professionals in-house and can tailor a subscription plan for you based on your needs.

Other services we offer include: marketing, advertising, graphic design, video, campaign management and social media management.

While our packages are made with social in mind, some video may work for TV. There are additional fees for delivering your video to television, so it is best to check with the Vetta team.

Still have some questions?

Drop us a line! We are here to help.