Is your advertising reaching your audience? For many young business owners, advertising may feel a little like roulette. You invest your hard-earned bob into a campaign and hope that you’ve pinned up your poster on the right street corner, and once it’s out there you wonder whether your audience is paying any attention to the message you’re communicating. We all ask ourselves these questions at some point in the business life cycle. There are so many uncontrollable variables and amidst the technological distractions and the deafening noise of commercialised messages, is mine getting across?

Keep these 3 principles at the heart of your business’ advertising.

1. Know your audience. Learn everything you possibly can about your target audience. The best place to start is with your existing customers. If you don’t have your own customers, study your competitors’ customers. Learn about where they shop, why they eat what they eat, how many cars they have in their garage, learn whatever is and isn’t relevant to your product or service. When you know your target market you will also know where to meet them with your campaign and what to say to them.

2. Make your stand. Your business must appear competent and dependable. A company that looks like it was established in one day does not inspire the confidence that it will be here tomorrow. These qualities or defects come through in how you communicate in your advertising material. Your message must be simple but strong. Draw inspiration from key players in your industry, study the way they communicate corporate messages and learn from their successes. Just remember, they were once a start-up too. Walk tall.

3. Value failure. Business advertising is often a game of trial and error. It is hard to pinpoint the faults if your advertising consistently produces mediocre results. It takes much experimentation and tweaking to improve on mild success. However, when your campaign falls flat on its face it is much easier to identify where you went wrong and rectify the situation. The failures of today may open the door to the successes of tomorrow.

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