Name & Job Title:
James Lazzaroni  –  Videographer / Photographer

How long have you been with Vetta?
I’ve been with Vetta now for just over one year.

What motivates you in your job?
The thing that motivates me the most in my job is probably looking forward to seeing the finished product. It’s always a good feeling when you finally get to see all the time and hard work pay off in the end.

If a friend or family member was visiting Townsville for the first time, where would you take them?
I think the best spot to visit around Townsville would definitely be Magnetic Island. There’s some beautiful beaches and amazing walks over there and it’s always a good place to spend the day.

If you could be anywhere right now, where and what would you be doing?
I would probably have to say Japan. It’s the place I’ve wanted to visit and experience longer than anywhere else but I’ve never had the chance to go.

What’s your favourite weekend activity or past time?
On weekends I try to get out and go on small adventures whenever I can. I always love checking out spots around the Townsville area I’ve never been to.

If Townsville could have one thing right now that doesn’t currently exist, what would it be?
I think it’d be good for Townsville to have a bit more of a community around photography and videography. Even after doing it for years, I still find it hard to connect and collaborate with the other creatives around Townsville.

Where do you see yourself in two years time… ten years time?
I see myself still working in the same area I’m currently in, still trying to improve my skills in video production and photography.