Isaac Newman joined the Vetta team in August this year as Content Creator. His experience in video production, storytelling, animation and photography, combined with impressive technical skills, brings a different edge to Vetta’s production team. In addition to delivering high-quality visuals, Isaac creates strategic digital content with the audience in mind. Moving away from the ‘one-size-fits-all’ sentiment, he takes video production to the next level by optimising it for social media and other digital platforms.

Isaac has been in the content creation field for over seven years, and continues to learn new skills on the job. His digital storytelling journey started at James Cook University (JCU) in Townsville with his Bachelor of New Media Arts. After graduating, Isaac secured a position in the JCU Media Lab producing content for multiple departments.

His most recent role was with the North Queensland Cowboys where he was able to flex his creative skills and create digital stories for the team’s promotional needs. By working within the football club’s brand team, Isaac gained a unique insight into the holistic approach to digital marketing, from conception to creation and delivery.

These combined experiences have given Isaac a wide knowledge base in visuals that will engage. Isaac is always proactively learning about new approaches and enhances the work of the production team with his enthusiasm and organisational skills.

On the weekend, Isaac enjoys exploring the outdoors on two wheels, playing the amateur mixologist (favourite is a whisky sour) and having a hit on the green.

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